A downloadable thing/roba

You are a game designer, and you must deliver a 12-word RPG.

Nel tuo ruolo di designer, devi produrre un RPG di 12 parole.

Za che te fa zoghi, fame un che xe longo 12 parole.

Made for the 12-word RPG jam.

Is the title part of the game? A context or something? Is it just a random title because your itch.io page has to have a title?
Decide yourself!
This little gamelike thinglike is now yours to play with!

Image made with MS Paint, which is not present in the list of tools available on itch.io metadata.

No downloadable version (EDIT: added because unless there is a downloadable thing the game is hidden forever, and I cannot make a useless web version now, but DON'T DOWNLOAD, IT'S JUST THE 3 LINES YOU CAN READ HERE) because, hey, I do *hate* to clutter my storage with useless .pdf files, especially on mobile where it's way harder to clean up.
You can do whatever you want with your games, btw, but don't count on me cluttering the data world more than I do already by "making" shitty useless things - I should stop, yes.



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