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~ WIP ~

The extension should work as it is, but:

⚠️DON'T use it on pages containing forms and other input areas: the word substitution might happen and you risk unintentionally changing your original content.

⚠️REMEMBER to disable the extension when you are not using it, and to remove it when you don't need it anymore.

Is this a game?
Not really, at the moment. I thought about a couple of gamey experiments on top of the core functionality, but I don't know if they work (if they're "fun" or at least "somehow interesting"). I might add them on a later date.

So why did you make it?
I know that this is a game jam, but while watching the "theme" video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3e4OcqC1AU) I began to think about an existing issue: how the word "queer" has no direct translation into my native languages (https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/queer-woman.648484/) so it stays untranslated, as foreign as it could be. We depend so much onto English language and some of the related cultures, especially in areas like this one.

Why is that an issue?
Well, culture and living conditions and laws and many many things are different, so you just cannot apply 1:1 what you see happening elsewhere, as it is. There is also the need to develop the argument(s), have discussions, explain, reflect, in a word: grow. Trying to import concepts (note: I am not referring just to this word, or just to words) that appear alien isn't currently helping.

What does this extension do?
It just replaces a word with some other word(s) of your choice, could it be your favorite self-made translation or an expression of joy, or whatever you like. Don't expect a fine text analysis in order to apply the correct grammar for agreement, it just uses your word as it is.

Why should I care?
You are free to not care about any of this, although I hope you will take a little time to reflect about the language you use and how it can shape things. And maybe play a bit with words coming from outside (in this case, from the websites you visit).

Can it be misused?
Everything stays on the user's browser, so no damage is done. The extension doesn't do anything that cannot be done by hand, modifying a webpage source, or even using an image editor.

Where is the extension?
Started very late [insert: this-is-fine.jpg], then external disasters happened [insert: the same pic as before but bigger and distorted], as always. Basic functionality will come. Maybe something else.
You can download it from this very page. 

How can I trust you?
Excellent question! You can inspect the source code. If you don't understand it, or you still don't trust it/me, don't try the extension. I acknowledge the problem and understand your decision. Never install a browser extension you don't trust.

How do I run it?
Unpack the .zip and load the chiarificatore folder as an unpacked extension.
You should check the documentation for your browser:

Every time you change the word in the content-script.js file, you need to reload the extension: refer to the links above from the official documentation.

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Install instructions

Check the instructions on the main page.


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>I began to think about an existing issue: how the word "queer" has no direct translation into my native languages

This is cool, how you turned the idea into a real change for the user. TY for linking the forum discussion.